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Our Approach to Family Photography

Our approach to family photography portrait sessions.
We often get asked about our approach to family portrait sessions. Portrait sessions don’t have to be a drag, dragging kids and husbands from spot to spot, holding tense expressions, bribing kids with candy and toys to not misbehave.

Fun and Relaxed Family Sessions
This is what we like. We like to engage and interact with our clients. We like to get them engaged and interacting with each other. This the way you get rally good true smiles, honest expressions and candid moments even when the setup is slightly posed. We love creating situations that allow really beautiful organic, candid moments to happen.

The un-posed family session
We don’t have a cheat sheet, or hundreds of poses memorized. In fact we really don’t like “posing” families. We do group people together and have them stand or sit in a particular shape but then we give them ways to forget the camera is clicking and just interact with each other.

One couple we photographed was walk across a bridge, I asked them which is the least musical. The husbands hand shot up in a hurry. So I gave him the task of humming his favorite song while his wife tried to figure our what it was. We got some great smiles and big laughs from that moment.

Maryland Family Photographer captures outdoor family portraits

They really loved this photo when we all looked at the images.

We love shooting in a documentary style. This means that we’re looking for organic, candid moments between everyone that can only happen when the scene is not micro managed. Everyone is more relaxed, they enjoy the session a lot more and honestly, it allows us to shoot more efficiently.

We love getting kids involved in the process. We’ve had lots of fun telling the kids things like “alright, after this one boring photo, I want you guys to smother mom and dad with hugs and kisses, but don’t say anything, lets surprise them”. Then the kids get a kick out of each set we shoot.

Wo, while we do love creating portraits and albums that will last for generations to enjoy, we also love creating a session that you all won’t soon forget. We want you to enjoy looking back at these images and remembering the fun time you had.

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