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Family Heirlooms In Your Newborn Session | Clarksburg Newborn Photography

Family Heirlooms In Your Newborn Session |Clarksburg Newborn Photography

Family heirlooms can add a beautiful layer of history to your newborn portrait session. It’s so wonderful when clients come in with blankets that were hand made by great-grandma or onesies that dads.

I still have my stuffed dear that my pre-school teacher gave to me when I was just 3 years old. I had been pushed off a slide and broke my left leg.  That stuffed dear has since been passed down to my son who has it and moms bear from her childhood safely perched on the book shelf. I love that he will be able to tell his kids the story of how I got it and then add to the story of how he got it.

Incorporating family  heirlooms  in your newborns portraits is great way of  helping us to enrich the story of our family.

This family is celebrating their first child. To help tell the story of their family they brought a long a onesie that dad wore when he was this age and a blanket that was made by his mother. Mom ran the Boston marathon with her father when she was 34 weeks pregnant! To honor that, a coworker created this gorgeous quilt.

When you’re planning your newborn session, start thinking about what you could bring that has been passed down to you to help share the history of your growing family. Blankets, hats, onesies, quilts are all great items to add that can be easily incorporated in your portraits.

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