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Outdoor Headshot Sessions

Outdoor Headshot Sessions

Clarksburg, Maryland Headshot Photography

The weather is getting nice again, Spring is finally here! This is great news when it comes time to update or shoot new headshots. Outdoor headshot sessions are a good choice if you’re looking for a more laid back vibe.

I offer two styles of headshots to all my clients. We can shoot in studio, or we can travel to your favorite urban location and shoot outdoors. Both are great ways to capture professional headshots, they just have different feelings to them.

When I shoot in the studio, I have better control over the lighting, backdrops and more importantly the weather!  It’s much easier to control hair, makeup, lighting and wardrobe when we shoot in studio and therefore I feel it’s best for my corporate or executive headshots. I shoot against a white backdrop that with the flick of a light I can turn grey and black, we can save time not changing out backdrops three times. Most clients love the grey! 

Clarksburg, Maryland, Corporate, LinkedIn and acting headshots

If you’re looking for a more relaxed, casual, natural light headshot maybe with an urban feel, then outdoor is the way to go. These are really great for actors, small business owners or folks who are running a shop or small business in a community. When shooting outdoors we have our challenges for sure, though we can meet these challenges for sure. One is the weather. We’ll have to keep our eye on the weather as we get closer to your shoot day. Crowds of people can also be a challenge so I suggest scheduling a time before or after lunch times to avoid the crowd. Outdoor sessions can be a great choice if you’re not super comfortable being in a studio environment. It’s also a great choice if you want to convey that you work in the city or a particular city. 

Overall, your backdrop choice will depend on what kind of characteristic or feeling you want to convey about you and your brand. So, whether you want to have a more simple, plain backdrop or an urban brighter feel, Armato Photography can get you the killer headshots you need to elevate you and your brand and help you achieve your professional goals!

When you’re ready to up your professional game, attract more clients and make more money, call me and let’s set up a session for you. Either outdoor or in studio, click below to book your session.

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