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Benefits Of Having A Bridal Session | Tips For Brides

What the heck are bridal portrait sessions?

Bridal portrait sessions area a separate session a few weeks or even a month before your wedding date. This can be when you’re having your trial with your hair and makeup stylist, get a mock up of your bouquet, and put your dress on for  a session of solo portraits. Many brides choose to have prints from these sessions displayed at the wedding reception, or even make a small linen book made up. Just think of this as a dry run of your wedding day, without all the anxiety and stress.

Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers

Why Should I Consider A Bridal Session?

There are several great reasons to have a bridal session. Here are a few reasons I feel are a great reason to have one.

1.  This can be great opportunity to test out your hair/makeup. Remember, think of this as a dry run of your big day.  This is the perfect chance to have a dry run of your styling team and make sure you’re going to love how it looks.  You get a chance to see the completed look ahead of time instead of hoping that it turns out okay on your wedding day.  This will also give you a chance to see how your bouquet is going to turn out. Here you can make any changes that you might want with plenty of time for your florist to make them.  This bridal session gives you the perfect chance to  know what to expect on your wedding day and also build relationships with your vendors.

2. You get to wear your dress! The best part right? Dresses are not cheap and chances are you’e spent a long time dreaming of the perfect gown. You’ve spent countless hours, days, years dreaming of every last detail. The Bridal session gives you chance to wear your dress and see the whole look all together. It’s always a big hit with guests at the reception to see these portraits printed. As an added bonus, you get to make sure that the dress fits you just the way you want. It also gives you time to work with your gown shop on any last minute changes or alterations.

3. Bridal sessions make for a much more relaxed timeline on the wedding day. Wedding days always turn out to a be a little bit rushed so knowing that we’ve already created some gorgeous portraits of you and your dress can alleviate some stress on your big day. Though don’t worry we always create some portraits on the wedding day, it’s your wedding day after all! Having had your bridal session means we don’t have to spend as much time making these portraits and that means you can focus on other details of your day, or more time enjoying a private cocktail with your husband after the ceremony.

4. Practice makes perfect right? Having a bridal session gives you the perfect opportunity to practice being in front of the camera. Though the majority of your photos on the wedding day with be with your husband, family and friends, I still do like grab some portraits on the wedding day, having had the bridal session, you’ll already know exactly what do and that makes for a smooth flow to your day.

Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers

When Should I Have A Bridal Session?

I would suggest at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding day. We’ll have to make sure that the dress is done being altered. Dresses aren’t done till a short while out from the wedding. It’s best to make sure there is plenty of time between the session and the wedding.  If you’re planning on having canvases or large prints made I highly suggest that you have them made from a professional color lab, these are high quality archival quality prints that can take some time to make and deliver.

Another thing to consider is time of day and week. If you can time your bridal session for around the same time as your wedding, we can try and match lighting. Also, wedding season is really busy for photographers and venues, consider a  weekday for you session as most venues book pretty tightly on weekends. 

Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers

Where Should I Have My Sessions?

This is something that we can work on together. A lot brides like to have their bridal session at the same venue as the wedding.  This really helps with the flow of the bridal portraits and wedding portraits. This will take some coordination with the venue. As they are typically booked and quite busy on weekends, consider a weekday time.

There are always such gorgeous areas to photograph in this area so if you’d like to have your bridal session in a different location we can easily do that. 

It can seem daunting to get all dressed up and in front of the camera by yourself.  You will not regret having these done! If you have any questions or concerns about the session, talk to me about them as I’m sure it’s something I can help with. I like to coach everyone that stands in front of my camera as I know it can make people feel anxious.

Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers

Should I Have My Session In A Studio?

We also offer in studio portrait sessions. These just have a different vibe and feel than outdoor sessions. So it really depends on if want more of the lifestyle feeling out outdoor sessions or sessions at your venue, or if you’d like to have a more classic feel of the studio session. Here are a few samples of my studio sessions.

Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers
Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland wedding and bridal photographers

For more information on our weddings our bridal sessions please feel free to reach out and shoot us any questions you might have.

For you photographers. The outdoor portraits were shot with a Nikon D4 and Hasselblad H1 using Kodak Portra 400. processed and scanned by The Find Lab. The studio portraits were shot with Nikon D850 and a Nikon 85mm 1.8G

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