Why I shoot Film | Clarksburg, Maryland Family and Newborn Photographers

A lot of the work you see on our site has been shot on film. That’s right, good old analog film. I absolutely love the look that film produces. Shooting film forces me to be a better more thoughtful photographer. I don’t have a memory card that has a 12,000 image limit. Each roll gives me 16 shots. So, I slow down, look more carefully, meter my lights and compose more thoughtfully.

The other great thing about shooting film is the security of images. I know that I have all my clients negatives stored properly and can re-create prints for them at any time. If my hard drives fail, the cloud vanishes, or the whole grid goes dark, I still have negatives.

Film inspires me to look around at my environment. Sometimes I’ll see the sun hitting something just right and think, “that would be beautiful on Fuji 400H”. For me, film gives my images that timeless look I love so much about looking through my old family albums. I get excited knowing that I get to create that for our clients.

While I’m tending to shoot more film these days, if you work with us, you’ll see Liz carrying a digital camera. She loves her Nikon and has found her voice with it. I edit very carefully to make sure that our digital images have the same look as our film images.

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