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Good morning! Its not even 8am yet and here I am getting to grind. I get a few requests asking about team headshot sessions so I thought I’d quickly bring that up here.

Your headshot is going to be the first impression that you make on potential clients (buyers) or potential employers. These folks, once they find you online, are going to form an opinion and expectation for you before they’ve even gotten to the handshake.

It’s more important than ever that you have a fresh, modern, professional headshot that elevates you and your brand so that you make the most kickass first impression you can. This is your chance to customize that impression. We tend to hire and want to work with people that we like so creating a headshot for you or your team that shows confidence, approachability and likability is your key to standing out.

If you run a corporate, medical or law office or have a team of employees that your clients will interact with, it’s imperative that you all have consistent branding and headshots.

One of things we offer that some other folks don’t is that we can bring the studio to you. You have enough to manage in a busy office as it is, I’m sure you don’t need or want to orchestrate 20 peoples headshot sessions. So, we’ll come to you. We have a mobile studio set up that we can bring to your office and set up in a corner of the office or in a conference room. You make a sign up sheet with times, everyone signs up for a spot, and I make you all look amazing, and more importantly, consistent.

We’ve worked with some great corporate, legal and medical offices such as Mindoula Health Care, JFW Construction, Bethesda Newtrition and Wellness, Ameriprise, Cassaday & Company, AMS Law Office, American University and a few others.

If you’re interested in having your team headshots done and you want to make it as easy as possible, call us and request a free quote for your team. Our only stipulation is that your group must be larger than 5. If you have a team smaller than 5, we’re happy to offer a group discount on our individual package and have you come to our studio. If you have a small office space and would like to shoot outdoors, we can also plan on that. If you’re ready to get rolling, click below and let us get a quote out to you!


Armato Photography-Clarksburg-Bethesda-corporate-headshots

Why should I have prints made when I have the digitals? | Armato Photography, Clarksburg, Maryland Family and Newborn Photographers

This is something we hear ALL of the time. Why spend money having prints made when I have all the digitals? Well, I don’t know about you, but we still don’t know exactly where our wedding photos are. They were given to us on a thumb drive and probably stuck in a box, or drawer somewhere. We had a few prints made and had them framed. Those are hanging on the wall near the stairs for everyone to see.

I can’t stress enough the importance of making prints, albums and canvases of your images. Technology changes so fast and who knows if the DVD you have is going to be readable in 10 years from now. I look back at tape drives floppy disks. For the longevity of your images, have prints made! Have your photographer make the prints with a professional color printing lab. Our lab uses archival quality inks and papers which means these images are guaranteed for 200 Years! They are more expensive than going to Wal-mart or CVS, but, things that are of high quality do cost more. Our labs have all or our color preferences in our profile and know exactly how I’m calibrated. They wont make any color corrections without me asking for it. This means that the colors we see at the shoot and during the editing phase are the exact colors I get in my prints. Your local store or pharmacy often have sharpening filters and color corrections that are made automatically by someone that was sort of taught how to push the green “GO” button on the printer. The lab has professional lab technicians working with my clients work and they take as much care with it as if it was their own. Making prints is the best investment you’ll ever make.

The other reason I love having prints of our images is so we can enjoy them together. Our son has sat with an album loaded with pictures from his birth to present day. He loves sitting and looking back at the “old house” or when he was still in the hospital. My family enjoys seeing them on the walls in our home and looking at linen books and albums on our coffee table. These albums and prints will be handed down as the kids get older and start their families. I just got 3-4 old albums from when I was born and really enjoy sitting with them and looking back in time.

So here are a few of my favorite reasons for making prints. We work closely with two of our favorite color labs in the U.S and take great pride in making products that will be hanging on ours and our clients walls. We offer all the standard print sizes and canvas gallery wraps. We also off linen and leather bound albums. Don’t hesitate to ask us about odd sizes if you have specific sizes that you’d like to make!

Come and check out our family, newborn and headshot photography and let us know when you’re ready to


Some Of Our Favorite Locations To Shoot In | Armato Photography, Clarksburg Family and Portrait Photographers

We do the vast majority of our shooting on location. For headshots that can be in a clients home office, or a corporate office shooting a team of 20. For our families, engagements or seniors, this can be from the elegant Glenview Mansion in Rockville to the more rustic barns of Gaithersburg Agricultural Farm.

The best way to show why we love the Gaithersburg Agricultural Farm is to just let the photos do the talking. If you like open fields, gorgeous gardens and rustic hay filled barns, this is the spot! The best part is that so far, I’ve never run into large groups there. We’ve shot a small family-engagement and a separate engagement session there and just had an amazing time. End of the day when the sun is starting to get low is the best time to shoot here. As the sun goes through the trees the light is like magic!

Glenview Mansion is another favorite of ours. We’re suckers for stones and archways. This spot has several smaller areas that are all a bit different. The front of the mansion, the stone walkway and grand staircase on the side, with a fountain, and the small wooded area at the rear of the property. There are plenty of small intimate nooks for couples and plenty of open space to shoot large families, especially with kids!

We had the pleasure of traveling out of our area to meet a family in their neighborhood of Piney Orchard. We photographed their session in a small park area where we found some really lovely backdrops.

So these are just three of our favorite spots to travel to, our last spot we really enjoy shooting, OUR OWN HOME! We have two boys and have done the majority of our family portraits, right here in our house. We’d be happy to come to your home and capture your family or newborns in the comfort of your own home. If you’re just starting your family and very newborns, let us come to you. We have a small set up that allows to create GORGEOUS, timeless portraits right in your own home.

When you’re ready to create some timeless portraits of your growing family or 3 generations of family, give us a call and lets start creating something beautiful.


For you camera tech folks, all of our digital images are shot with Nikon D610 and Nikon D4 with Nikon 85mm 1.8G 50mm 1.4D or 24-70 2.8. All of our film images are shot with a Hasslbad H1 and Kodak Portra 400 or Fuji 400H with an 80mm 2.8. I also shoot Nikon F100 35mm with the same films and add Ilford Hp5 or Koday Tmax 400 for black and white. Film is processed and scanned by The Find Lab.

What if I told you we could guarantee that your first impression, is kick ass!

In todays highly digital and online world your first impression is made far before you ever get to shake hands with your potential clients. We use LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to market ourselves and our companies. According to Linked in, users with a photo get 21x more views and 36x more messages. You can bet too that prospective employers and clients are checking you out on your social sites. So what could I possibly be talking about? YOUR HEADSHOT! Stop the cell phone selfie madness! No more webcam selfies either. These are terrible introductions to you and your brand. You need to have a professional, high-end headshot that represents you and your brand perfectly. You need to show confidence and approachability in your headshot while also letting your unique personality through.

It’s not enough to go to a good photographer to get your branding photography and headshots done. You need to work with someone who specializes in headshot photography and expression coaching. I love working with my clients to get really killer expressions that are loaded with confidence and approachability. This just means that you look like you, you look confident, but you also look a nice person. We want your clients to look at your image and not be able to wait to click on your profile. We also want to make sure that all your imagery across your brand is consistent.

Your headshot on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like is the very first opportunity you have to make an impression on your prospective clients and employers. So, lets make sure that the headshots you’re putting out in the world are the very best and make the best impression every time.

For more information on our headshot sessions please CLICK HERE! The give us a call and lets get you some headshots that you can’t wait to show off! We also have group rates for offices of more than 5 people so be sure to ask about us coming to you!


How to Prepare For a Headshot Session | Clarksburg, Maryland Headshot Photographers

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your upcoming headshot session with Armato Photography.

If getting in front of a camera makes you anxious, or more like you want to catch the next flight to the arctic, there are a few things you can do make your session smoother. I'll outline a few tips that will help you be relaxed and ready for a rocking headshot session.

1. Clothes. If you have multiple outfits that you'd like to shoot, have them dry cleaned, ironed, pressed and ready on a hanger by at least the day before. The last thing you want to do is scramble all over the house looking for your favorite shoes or  tie.  Have all your makeup in your bag ready to go, or better yet, schedule to have our stylist at your session, then you don't have to worry about it at all. Jus come in and be taken care of. Men, PLEASE do not shove your clothes in a backpack. Yes, even if it's just a T-shirt.  Have your suit cleaned and pressed and in a suit bag for protection.  For clothing selection, if you're not sure if you want to bring something, bring it. Better to have it and not need it. Keep clothes simple and classic. Stay away from busy patters and colors that are close to your skin tone. Since the classic headshot is generally from the mid-chest up, you can often get away with just wearing a formal top and comfy pants or shorts. I will say that there can be a difference in the way you feel when you're in a complete suit and not just the top half so I suggest coming in with the complete suit.

2. Facial Hair. Men, make sure that beards are trimmed the way you like before you come. If you prefer to be clean shaven, do it in the morning before your session.  We can take out little missed beard hairs but we can not "give you a digital shave".  Ladies, if you plan to have eyebrows plucked, remember that plucking can leave red marks behind and that can add to the post production timeline.  If you're planning on a haircut before your session, plan it for 1-2 weekd prior to the session. That way your hair has a chance to settle in and look natural.

3. Skin. Drink plenty of water during the week before your session. This will help keep your skin healthy and clear. Stay away from fried or super salty foods as this can lead to bloating and water retention. Hit up Chik-Fil-A on the way home! Be careful in the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause redness, sun-burn and other irritations. Lastly, get plenty of sleep! You want to avoid circles under the eyes and you want to be fresh and rested for your session.

4. Teeth. Avoid drinking anything that may stain your teeth. I know, I know, what!? No coffee! Just for the morning of your session. If you have time and your teeth already slightly yellow or have some discolor, consider having them professionally whitened. If you don't have time, don't sweat it, we can deal with that with a tiny bit of editing magic.

5. Know what you want to get from your headshots. Are these for your LinkdIn, your website, are they acting headshots or modeling headshots. We can approach all of these slightly different so it's helpful if you know going in exactly what you need your headshot for. For actors, I like to have brief conversation about what kind of roles you are reading for and getting called for now versus the kinds of roles you'd like to be getting called for. This will greatly influence how we shoot and what outfits we choose. With actors I like to run a wide variety of looks and expressions anyway 

Okay, here are a few guidelines on what not to do.

1. Stress out. I know that getting in front of the camera can be a stressful experience for a lot of people.  As a musician I understand this kind of stress and take great pride in being able to help clients relax and be themselves in front of the camera.  We take our time and interact, get to know each other and have a good time. This is not the JCPenny stuffy uptight portrait posing center. 

2. Practice. I know, practice makes perfect right. Not always. Practice makes permanent. There is quite a lot of litterature on the web saying that you should spend a day practicing your smiles and expressions in the mirror. I don't like memorized, practiced expressions because they are never natural. NEVER! I like to interact and extract real, honest expressions from clients. I will never say "okay smile" to get you to smile. I might however say something like "okay, thats gorgeous, now just a little less manson like and we're in business". I love big natural smiles that come from laughter. I work hard to make sure our smiles are genuine and really show off what kind of personality you have. You can relax knowing that you don't have to get it right, I do, and I have to capture it. It's not up to you to bring in expressions and be able to throw them out when I ask. It's my job to elicit them and capture them. 

One more thing to consider when booking a session.

Our portfolio has both studio styled and outdoor environmental headshots. Take some time and consider which of these best sells you and your brand. What matches your personality better.

Here are some recent outdoor sessions.

Armato Photography-clarksburg-maryland-headshots.jpg
Armato Photography-outdoor-headshot-Gerogetown-Portrait-actorsheadshot-corporate-busines headshot.jpg
Armato Photography-outdoor-headshot-D.C-Washington-architectheadshot-1.jpg
Armato Photography-Headshots-acting-portraits-singerheadshots-Germantown-maryland-portrait photographer-1.jpg
Armato Photography-Clarksburg-headshots-Headshotphotographer-acting-actorheadshots.jpg
Armato Photography-Clarksbutg-Maryland-Headshot.jpg

If you have any questions about our headshots or our sessions, please reach out and ask! We are available for both individual and group headshot sessions. If you have a team that you would like to have photographed, call for our group rates. Looking forward to working with you!