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This is something we hear ALL of the time. Why spend money having prints made when I have all the digitals? Well, I don’t know about you, but we still don’t know exactly where our wedding photos are. They were given to us on a thumb drive and probably stuck in a box, or drawer somewhere. We had a few prints made and had them framed. Those are hanging on the wall near the stairs for everyone to see.

I can’t stress enough the importance of making prints, albums and canvases of your images. Technology changes so fast and who knows if the DVD you have is going to be readable in 10 years from now. I look back at tape drives floppy disks. For the longevity of your images, have prints made! Have your photographer make the prints with a professional color printing lab. Our lab uses archival quality inks and papers which means these images are guaranteed for 200 Years! They are more expensive than going to Wal-mart or CVS, but, things that are of high quality do cost more. Our labs have all or our color preferences in our profile and know exactly how I’m calibrated. They wont make any color corrections without me asking for it. This means that the colors we see at the shoot and during the editing phase are the exact colors I get in my prints. Your local store or pharmacy often have sharpening filters and color corrections that are made automatically by someone that was sort of taught how to push the green “GO” button on the printer. The lab has professional lab technicians working with my clients work and they take as much care with it as if it was their own. Making prints is the best investment you’ll ever make.

The other reason I love having prints of our images is so we can enjoy them together. Our son has sat with an album loaded with pictures from his birth to present day. He loves sitting and looking back at the “old house” or when he was still in the hospital. My family enjoys seeing them on the walls in our home and looking at linen books and albums on our coffee table. These albums and prints will be handed down as the kids get older and start their families. I just got 3-4 old albums from when I was born and really enjoy sitting with them and looking back in time.

So here are a few of my favorite reasons for making prints. We work closely with two of our favorite color labs in the U.S and take great pride in making products that will be hanging on ours and our clients walls. We offer all the standard print sizes and canvas gallery wraps. We also off linen and leather bound albums. Don’t hesitate to ask us about odd sizes if you have specific sizes that you’d like to make!

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Is Newborn Photography Worth It? |Clarksburg Family and Newborn Photographers

Is taking the time and making the investment for newborn portraits worth it? I can't say ABSOLUTELY enough times here. I don't give that answer as a photographer, I give that answer as a father. We had our oldest 4.5 years ago. When I look back, I can't believe that much time has passed and how different he is now than he was as a newborn and then a baby. 

I'm sure as a new parent you probably here "well, time does fly by" about a billion times! Now I look back and wonder, where the heck did the time go? So, a billion and 1 times now, time does fly by, and fast! You get so wrapped up in the details, the sleep deprivation, and all the other little things that you forget to take time and just stare at them and soak all the little things in. Like the tiny spiral on the top of their head, their tiny little toes, the death grip that a newborn can manage when they get a few fingers around your finger, or hair! 

One thing I'm really thankful for was that we had the means to capture every little thing and every last minute of his growing up in photographs. I can't, and don't want to even guess at how many images are on our hard drive of our little guy. Now we have a second boy, 5 months old, and we're adding to the hard drive everyday. Now we're investing in prints and canvas wraps to put on our walls. This makes walking my little one to sleep a lot of fun. I get to do it while going down memory lane from the first one.

Once these moments are gone, they are GONE, and they will be SO different the second time around. Our boys are very different indeed. I remember thinking, "I'm going enjoy X even more with the next one". Come to find that he doesn't do X. So that moment is now just a memory. A very good memory. 

I can't stress enough the value of documenting these times with your newborn. Have the formal portraits taken professionally so you and your family can enjoy them for decades. Have the linen books made so you can pass down real photos and not hard drives. Drives and technology fail. I still have albums from when I was born in 1977. I even have pics of my great great grandparents from over a hundred years ago. These will never just disappear or fall off the grid, or get erased by accident.

Here are some favorite images from recent sessions. I'm sure these parents will love looking back at these and saying "gosh, it seems like yesterday that you were this small".

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